Addictive Games – Is This An Important Issue?

Recently there has been a very popular game called ‘Uphill Rush’ which is a part of the larger game called ‘Uphill Rush evolutions’. This game has caused a great deal of controversy because a number of parents have complained about their children playing the game and it has been suggested that playing such games can be addictive.

The latest version of this type of game has been modified to show a more psychological insight into the problems faced by a young person and it can also involve a certain amount of simulation. The most popular version of this version appears to be ‘Uphill Rush: Shockwave’ which has caused even more controversy.

The major problems that parents have raised with their children have been related to their children turning into zombies after playing the game and also becoming bored. They have complained that their kids do not do as well at school or have problems with their friends.

The only solution that parents seem to think of to help their children is by banning the game from their computers. This particular mode can actually encourage violence in their children. However, the content of the game is extremely graphic and we as parents need to be aware of that before allowing our children to play it.

One other mode in the said game has been modified which allows critical review of the game by the Press Complaints Commission in the UK. This is an excellent mode that effectively allows parents to see exactly what went on in the game with fun and entertainment included. Parents will be able to view the ‘rationing’ profile of their kids and anyone who has been inspected shall have a rating displayed.

There are numerous reasons why various people have complained about their children playing this game and most of them have been related to violent activities. It is no surprise that a game like ‘Uphill Rush’ can only add to the controversy and hold it for some time as there are so many parents that have seen the negative impact of playing on this game.

The controversial music used in the game is also a cause of complaint and for that reason, we need to ensure that our children are not exposed to similar content through other programs that they are exposed to. We shall have to work with the game’s developers to ensure that they are able to remove these offending items from the game.

Once hired the developer of this game shall ensure that all the suitable notices are given at the outset of the game and also at each level. All parent notification procedures required under the Video Appeals Officer’s guidelines will be dealt with.

Once the game has been tested to Royal style by the QAO, a final rating will be granted to the game. If there is any doubt about the game, the developer will be required to provide a written program of explanation. Depending on the stray points that were mentioned earlier, the game’s rating may also be reduced to one or two notches.

This is the first game to be launched by Airtight Games and they have quite a big responsibility to ensure that the ratings are met. We certainly hope that Airtight Games take care to make good use of the ratings they are required to grant and we commend them for bringing this innovative idea to life.

Title outrageously funny. Big Fish are certainly delivering laughs of laughter and amusement to many. The setting is considerably funny. You enter a competitive city where the speed limit is in the guise of floating glass roofing. Your aim is to dash between vehicles which look like they have their head cut off or cut-off heads as you race around the city.

laughter and amusement abound. Unfortunately, the elements of the game which are most entertaining are the pineapple and the racing sequence. The tasks you have to perform within are excessive and the game can be very dull.

Fun and Entertainment

Fun and entertainment are the key terms. Overusing these two concepts in a racing game can negatively impact the experience. To avoid this pitfall, the developer’s buildup based on the two key concepts:

  • The speed of your car
  • The fun factor

Going through the levels is not an issue. The fun is in the fact that you are controlling a fast car that could a cache over any place even though you are only far away from the middle. To make this game more interesting, group play is allowed and individuals can participate and even influence the direction they want the car to go by giving strategic directions.

Can you handle that speed?

Can you handle that the control of the car in midst of speeding is an issue? You need to learn to handle that speed with full control to avoid negative consequences. That is why the developers added special speeding trains to handle the speeding elements. Those aspects deserve special attention in order to make the game fun and not a complex handling task. mitigate the possible bad karma.


There are many interesting train features in the game to speed up the gameplay.